Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day - 2019

The Story Continues......


The day is on again and this year Matt and Kat have asked for just a little support promoting the event.

My name is Alan - I now run a Commuity Srevice Company under the banner of the Manchester Commuity Guardian Scheme to help small businesses. I really specialise in Business Analysis and Database design but I am proficient in what I call SSNA this is Structured Social Networking Applications - basically it is linking free webservices together under a site map called Protopage. We utilise cloud computing for Google Objects.

I decided to create a whole new division of Red Camel Business Services called Onboard Promotions plus two new wensites for Withington and Hazel Grove. WGC has been a prototype since 2007 but has never been promoted.

As you can see the Home Page of this site now contains a link to HGGC and an event booking form.

I will monitor progress anf when I see entries arriving I will download the spreadsheet and E'Mail it to Kat. (Uless she wants to take over - it will require about 1 hours tuition).

If you know of a business in need of a Technical Business Analyst please E'Mail me at redoctopusbusinessservices@gmail.com.