Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day - 2024

The Story Continues......

Lokhul Reporter Issue 2 - The Winston Golf Championship
  • Lokhul Reporter - Issue 2
  • 2024

    The Time is right for me to join Hazel Grove Golf Club

    2023 was a failure due to the IT not being ready - whilst the IT is still not ready ( we need to get this event moving so we will continue as Harry Potter IT Wizard / Saturday Night Y Factor events

    Whilst I want to make 2024 a big year it is important that we move forward with the After Academy / Sanctuary / The Winston

    All has been Explained in The Lokhul Reporter - Events Dates for The Winston Hub are listed.

    The following date is the most important so please book your place :

    18/07/2024 - Adam Bramwell Classic (Shady Hollow Memorial) @ Hazel Grove

    Entry Fee £20 Plus Green Fee - Players get an Infinity Discount Card Worth £35 and the opportunity to buy a Classic Polo Shirt @ £21 reduced from £35

  • Alan Bramwell